Lwa of Iridia

Centuries after the Haitian Revolution of 1804 and years after the earthquake of 2010 Haiti continues to suffer and struggle as a nation.  Just when there was no hope in sight for true freedom and independence The Lwa of Iridia ( new name for Haiti ) was chosen to rise up and usher in the second 1804 and rid itself of the new and modernized colonization.   During the 2010 earthquake the unclean water was exposed to particles of Iridium which caused a chemical change in the water.  Not only did it purify the unclean water for the Haitian population but it gave certain abilities to the unborn children and children of the Haitian population that practiced Vodun.  These children that were affected only were between `12 and 18.  These children in addition to possessing certain abilities brought about through the chemical change in the water they also possessed certain abilities associated with the Lwa of Haitian Vodun.

The true hidden history and future of Ayiti revealed like never before.

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