Dogon and The Mali Mafia

The year is 2099 and the idea of Gaddafi’s united countries of Africa is a reality and it also marks the end of The Sigui.  All countries united with one African president and an African currency based and backed on Africa’s natural resources.  The Dogon-Mali Mafia is the UAC (United African Countries) organized crime syndicate created to ensure the global interest of the UAC throughout the world.  One of the members was excommunicated from the Mafia due to ongoing disagreements with the Mafia’s methods throughout the world.  He was thought to have been killed by the Mafia but returned as a member of the Amma Sect.  He was revived and endowed with mystical powers by the Ancestor Lebe Serou and became a Hogon.  With his newly found powers he seeks to continue to fight for injustices in the UAC and all mankind as well as deal with the Mali Mafia.

Welcome to the Nummo World Order.

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