Ganga Rei: Legend of a Capoeira King

Ganga Rei is the story of a Capoierista who was born in the late 1800s in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  He worked as an enforcer to a Brazillian warlord in Bahia who fought in the Brazillian War.  One night in 1904 he was attacked by men from a rival warlord and while defending himself badly injured and killed some of the attackers.  He was captured by the military  who was seeking to overthrow the warlord who in their eyes had become too powerful.  He was charged with using Capoeira which had been outlawed in Brazil.  He was badly beaten by the military and left for dead in the fields of Bahia.  He was found by a Kongo Palo priest and priestess and using the powers of Palo healed and endowed with mystical powers.  He later woke up in an alley 45 years later in 1949 Brazil.  During that time there were 3 rival schools and Mestres of 3 capoeira styles.  Capoeira Regional, Angola and Carioca.  Armed with the power of Palo and Capoeira, Ganga Rei seeks to defeat corruption throughout Brazil, be a protector of the people and unite the 3 styles of Capoeira to inspire a new vision for the Federal Republic of Brazil while paying homage to the African roots of the martial art known throughout the world as Capoeira.

The art of Capoeira as you have never known nor experienced before!

Coming Soon 2021

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